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Todays educational material for tomorrows learners

JustJag is an eLearning and media company.

I love to create and assist my customers in content development, educational media and conversion.

As a qualified teacher, I can also provide training and consultation services on the best tools, processes, and workflows to make you shine!


Looking for an eLearning course? We can help you design and develop instructionally sound eLearning and mLearning courses.


Have existing legacy content and need some makeover for it? We are experts at redesigning the content to suit your requirements.


Wish to implement eLearning for your organisation, but not sure where to start? We can help you do it.


Want to learn how to build eLearning or gain expertise in using tools? Contact us to get intensive hands-on training, online or onsite.

excellent | learning

Thats what the 'e' stands for in eLearning

victorious | video

People like to watch, who can blame

educational | consultation

Want to make a big changes as quickly as possible.

glorious | graphics

i wouldn't put my name on it if it wasn't

" Leverage technology and innovative thinking to provide custom learning solutions, enrich learning experience, and deliver value, scale and joy to our customers. "

JustJag's Statement

Articulate 360 (Certified Articulate user)


Final Cut Pro X 


Qualified Teacher (PGCE)


Apple Certified user 


Quick Question?

- I need a flyer and online graphics for an event.
- Can you come to our school and demo VR? 
- I need a quick explainer video for my product/concept.
- Got an idea that you want to help best visualise.
- Can you host and hotspot 360 degreee image?